• Useful tips for using lunchtime to find a date for the coming Valentine's Day Posted by Admin on February 12, 2019

    As a millionaire, business professional, business owner, or an entrepreneur (whatever you like to be called), your time is valuable. You have a heavy responsibility, so you dare not slack off! You’re driven to get things done, accomplish your goals, and see your business or work rise to the top. But, in that mix of chasing success, something often falls through the cracks – finding love. With our help, you will know how to take full use of your lunchtime to look for a suitable match for the coming Valentine's Day.

    Why lunch dates are perfect dates?

    So why are we so bullish on lunch dates? Well, they're really good for business people. Let's take a look at a few of the reasons we like lunch dates, and then we'll discuss the action steps you can take to start setting them up.

    You're already dressed up

    One of the biggest time wasters in dating is preparation time. You have to figure out what to wear, and for some of you, "put your face on" and check everything you normally do to get your clothes and body ready for the date.

    But when else would you do that? Previous job! You usually dress well, smell good, and are as clean as you would be on a date. So when you go on a lunch date, you already look great. Plus, your date won't judge you that much anyway (if they're a picky person), because they know you came over during your lunch break.

    There are minimal expectations

    When you go out to dinner or to get drinks after work, a lot more comes into play. How long are we going to be on this date for? Should we go do something extra afterward? Should we order another round or call it a night? Is this date going to “escalate?” There’s a lot of potential expectations that happen when you go out with someone on a first date at night.

    But, when you’re on a lunch date in the middle of the day with somewhere professional to be afterward, all of that goes away. You have a fixed amount of time that you are able to be there and there are no worries about what may or may not happen on the date.

    Do lunch dates have a bit more professional/meeting feel? They do, but that’s okay. It’s never so much that you’re not able to see if there is chemistry or energy there. Everyone is still a little in their work mode and on their best behavior which is a plus, especially for a first date. Take advantage of the fact that lunch dates have no expectations and it really is going to be just lunch and getting to know each other.

    They have a hard stop time cap

    We already know that as a businessman or businesswoman, your time is significant. You can't be late for your first date and then be tired and overslept the next morning. However, when you go on a lunch date, it's hard to stop. Why is that? You have to get back to work!

    It creates an easy way for you to leave the date when you need to, whether it's just time or you don't like yourself. The commitment time is very few, needs to leave when leaves. In fact, most business lunch dates start like this: each person asks when the other is coming back to the office. That way, no one gets in trouble with their boss and no one feels bad that they have to run away because the date went well.

    To be frank, we hope that a regular date has such a simple and difficult time to stop things from dragging on unnecessarily. But that's why lunch dates are so great.

    These are the merit of using lunchtime to find a date for the coming Valentine's Day. But I still suggest you joining a rich dating site for affluent people to find a match near you.